World REJOICES at Year for Consecrated Life


The Catholic world is celebrating the Year for Consecrated Life with much enthusiasm. Programs have been charted out in various dioceses and congregations across the world.

The year is considered to be an opportunity of renewal by many congregations. Pope Francis is making every opportunity to take part in various programs associated with the Celebration inspiring thousands of consecrated men and women around the world.

Last week he concluded the unity octave where he mentioned that “Religious life, as prophetic sign of the world to come, is called to offer in our time a witness to that communion in Christ which transcends all differences and finds expression in concrete gestures of acceptance and dialogue.” He qualified the religious who pray for Christian unity as an “invisible monastery

The Bishop’s conference in Southern Africa has this week issued a pastoral letter on the theme of Year of Consecrated Life. The pastoral letter acknowledges that the “Church as a whole could not faithfully fulfill its mission without the prophetic witness of consecrated men and women.”

A YouTube video telling the story of Irish nuns, sisters and brothers is getting very popular among young people claiming a 5000 hits even before its scheduled launch on Monday.

In US many convents would remain open on specific days welcoming young aspirants who wish to join consecrated life. The young ones can visit the convent and have a talk with the sisters there.

Many others congregations have various plans like remembering their founder and organising tours to the mother house.


Arpanam brings you the fabulous stories of the heroic men and women who lead consecrated life in the Catholic Church. It is one of the projects of CONNECT, an initiative for doing research and and documentation as well as organising various programmes in the interdisciplinary area of media and socio-cultural life.

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