Vincentians with Tuesday Conference


Three of the Vincentian seminarians, in a novel charismatic ministry, have refurbished the idea of Tuesday Conference. Historically, Tuesday Conference was an initiative of St. Vincent to spread spiritual reflections among priests.

Brother Tony Maliyeckal and two other brothers who are currently doing their theological training in Mangalapuzha Seminary, Aluva have taken this initiative to mark the Year of Consecrated Life, called by Pope Francis.

The current version of the Tuesday Conference is in digital format, a concisely designed theological content on various topics and is released every week with an intention to help those interested in theological reflection.

As they believe that heavy scholarly content does not appeal the common mass, they are determined to create alternative reading formats and deeper theological concepts as lighter reading stuff.

The trio behind the e-bulletin do all the work themselves such as editing, designing and circulation.

They have the blessings and support from Fr. Sebastian Thundethilkunnel the rector of Vincentian Vidyabhavan and other superiors.

The team of three behind the Tuesday Conference is happy that they got a fabulous initial appreciation from their larger audience which primarily include priests from various congregations and diocese

However, they are also aware that they are just making the first steps into theological data dissemination and a long walk to go further.


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