View from Ashore


View from Ashore

I stood in admiration
Of that quiet and gentle shore
And I could feel nothing
But an unexplainable comfort,
That the waves penetrated
Into my innermost being

I watched for a while
Waves finding the shore
A whisper in my heart was heard then,
‘Each wave must touch the shore once every while’
Once again I found an allegory for that relationship
Ought to be between me and my creator

‘Each wave must touch the shore once every while’
So does me to come to His altar every now and then
For taken from the shore the waves dispense to the sea
And brought forth from the deep, brings back to the shore
Yet again I found an allegory but of my calling
To bring Him to the world and bring back to him

Not touching the shore the wave is never a wave
Coz it’s the meeting of the shore
Gives its very own shape and strength
So does me His ‘disciple’
Unless I meet Him every once a while –in prayer
How can I claim to be one?

© Text and Image: Gisel Erumachadathu

Aspiring to be a media missionary, Gisel Erumachadathu is a person under formation in the Ancillae Secular institute. Currently working with Mullen Lowe Lintas Group of Advertising, she has graduated in Mass Communication and Video production and has conducted animation programs on Media awareness and Personality Development in schools across India. She is a passionate photographer, traveler, filmmaker and writer. She writes feature columns in ‘The Statesman Newspaper’ and other magazines.

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