Religious vocations are increasing in Catholic Church


There is a significant and steady increase in religious vocations in the Catholic church, says various reports from across the globe. Arpanam has reported earlier that United Kingdom have been seeing steady increase in vocations.

Katherine Backler reckons that the Catholic Church in UK is “experiencing a healthy, unexpected rekindling of religious vocation” in an article (Sisters of the Internet Era) published in The Tablet an international Catholic news weekly from UK.

Now, we have been receiving reports that a good number of young women in United States also have their preference to religiously committed life when it comes to chose their vocation. In a short Op-Ed article Sister Dolores Liptak writes that the increase in vocations in US is due to young people’s fascination to the “traditional purpose of religious life” which is nothing but a “personal encounter with the Lord whereby members can be strengthened in their work for the poor and their union with Christ in communal prayer especially that which is based on Eucharistic liturgical action.”

In another news piece a Vatican news paper Avvenire has reported that the number of consecrated widows in Italy has risen to 200, and an additional 100 are in formation.

We observe that there is renewed interest to religious life across the globe, and many people now aspire to join various types of religious life.


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