Pilgrim and Stranger


AI Stranger and a Pilgrim

A pilgrim…

Walking up the stair way…

Walking amidst a mob,

Just like anyone else around…

Someone who is profoundly involved in his sojourn!

Deeply involved in life yet less attached to it!!

He must be treading a journey different.
What about my calling?

Me standing in the jungle of technology and media,

Traveling through the ‘iways’ of the world,

Seeking out people and being among them,

Continue to be the expressions of a need for relationship and communion,

That compels from within those who announce the Gospel.


As pilgrims and strangers

We are called not to be an isolated being but joyful companions,

Being guides, mentors and spiritual parents,

Being signs of wholeness even as we ourselves are perhaps broken and empty.

Do I deeply involve in life’s reality yet less attached to it?

With every situation of life

A world of meaning unfolds and comes to perfection in eternity.

Yet everyone is a Stranger and a Pilgrim in this sojourn.


© Image and Text: Gisel Erumachadathu/Arpanam

Aspiring to be a media missionary, Gisel Erumachadathu is a person under formation in the Ancillae Secular institute. Currently working with Mullen Lowe Lintas Group of Advertising, she has graduated in Mass Communication and Video production and has conducted animation programs on Media awareness and Personality Development in schools across India. She is a passionate photographer, traveler, filmmaker and writer. She writes feature columns in ‘The Statesman Newspaper’ and other magazines.

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