Dr. Jose Vallikatt


JoseVallikattFr Jose Vallikatt is a missionary priest belonging to the Missionary Society of St Thomas (MST). He holds a Masters in Audio visual Communications. He is interested in the cultural and religious dimension of media in the Indian context. He has done the Doctoral research in the interdisciplinary area of Media, Religion and Culture from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia  His research interests include:

Books and Publications

  1. Kaanunnavar Jeevikkum (Missionary Vision of Postmodern Church, (Mal) 2013)
  2. Virtually Religious: Myth Ritual and Community in World of Warcraft (PhD Thesis, 2014)
  3. Several other features in magazines such as Assisi and Smart Companion

Arpanam brings you the fabulous stories of the heroic men and women who lead consecrated life in the Catholic Church. It is one of the projects of CONNECT, an initiative for doing research and and documentation as well as organising various programmes in the interdisciplinary area of media and socio-cultural life.

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