Give yourself away in love


Give yourself away in love

The tiny grain of wheat spent its maiden life
Clinging tight to its stem, reluctant to depart
Its life was close in on its small ego-self
And insisting on vain ambitions
Well, then came the days
That it could stand no more
And the grain met the ground fathoming
Its existence worthless to the core

Do you identify with that bitter-hearted seed?
Keeping itself isolated and part?
Clinging tight to certain point of a view
Racing through the day
By anxiety and stress clenched
Feeling alone and small with each fall
Too busy to let go in love
Give yourself away in love!

Die to your worries
To your fear, your shame
And give yourself away in love
Just as the fresh new kernels near by
They have fallen, cried and died once
Only to begin new, a life so radiant

Die to your worries
To your fear, your shame,
To whom you think you are!
Out of your smaller self
Hardened hearts are when broke open
God can move evermore through it
Live no longer for yourself alone
Give yourself away in love!
And we release pain of a lifetime
When we open ourselves to love…

© Text and Image: Gisel Erumachadathu

Aspiring to be a media missionary, Gisel Erumachadathu is a person under formation in the Ancillae Secular institute. Currently working with Mullen Lowe Lintas Group of Advertising, she has graduated in Mass Communication and Video production and has conducted animation programs on Media awareness and Personality Development in schools across India. She is a passionate photographer, traveler, filmmaker and writer. She writes feature columns in ‘The Statesman Newspaper’ and other magazines.

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