We believe in collaborative efforts. That is what CONNECT stands for. You can collaborate with this project in many ways.

  • Read: Be a good reader of the Arpanam stories. Arpanam is meant to be read and seen.
  • Share: Share the stories you have read in with others. You become a nod in the wider network of readers as well as an instrument that reach good stories to others.
  • Comment: Your comments on each story will inspire, encourage and enrich many people as well as this site.
  • Write: You can write stories about one or more consecrated women or men whose story you think shall be heard by the world. Let it be a fascinating story of a religious who is doing a worthwhile ministry and whom you know personally very well.
  • Show: You can make a six minute story or be part of the visual story tellers to show the marvelous story of a consecrated man and women to the world.
  • Recommend: You may recommend us committed religious women or men who are doing outstanding ministry whom you are familiar with. We would be happy to cover their story in
  • Contribute: You may contribute to us in various ways depending on your creativity.