Catholic religious commit to reach out to the peripheries


Catholic religious superiors have determined to recommit themselves to reach out to the peripheries in a conference held with a view to celebrate Year for Consecrated Life.

Approximately 25 major superiors and their aids participated in the joint North Region Meeting of CBCICRI Major Superiors, held on July 24th and 25th at CRI House, Okhla, New Delhi.

The conference delved mainly on the study of the Report of the Survey on the relevance of Religious Life in the context of the Year of Consecrated life. It was reported that the collated data demonstrated that the lay people have a positive attitude and appreciation towards the Consecrated Life and persons.

In an orientation session at the very beginning of the conference superiors were guided through various documents of the magisterium on consecrated life. Fr Edwin Rodrigues SJ facilitated the sessions and exposed the beauty and challenges of Consecrated Life as envisioned in the documents. “The sessions were interactive and enjoyable,” said Sr. Prathima commenting on the session. “The programme helped us to reflect again on our own consecrated commitment in the background of the Church documents,” said another participant.

The joint session on the second day was graced by ABp. Anil J Couto, ABp Kuriakose Bharanikulangara and Bp Ivan Perera. Each of them inspired the congregation on various relevant topics such as Development, Hindutva, Environmental friendly life and so on.

The two-day long meeting concluded with a Concelebrated Eucharist in the Masihgarh Parish Church. Bishop Anil Couto, The Archbishop of Delhi and Bp Ivan Pereira, Bishop of Jammu and Srinagar were at the altar along with Fr Varkey SJ and other priests.

“By its very nature the Eucharist is at the centre of the consecrated life, both for individuals and for communities. It is the daily viaticum and source of the spiritual life for the individual and for the Institute. By means of the Eucharist all consecrated persons are called to live Christ’s Paschal Mystery, uniting themselves to him by offering their own lives to the Father through the Holy Spirit.” (Vita Consecrata 95)

Apart from the major Superiors, many other religious men and women participated at the concluding Eucharistic celebration.

AI CRI Congregation
“The Church depends a great deal on consecrated women for new efforts in fostering Christian doctrine and morals, family and social life, and especially in everything that affects the dignity of women and respect for human life.In fact, “women occupy a place, in thought and action, which is unique and decisive.” (Vita Consecrata 58)

Several lay people had joined the congregation of the religious men and women in thanks giving and spiritual support in the Eucharistic celebration held in the Shrine of Our Lady of Health, Masihgarh, Okhla.

AI CRI Laity
“A positive consequence will be to facilitate more intense cooperation between consecrated persons and the laity in view of the Institute’s mission. Moved by the examples of holiness of the consecrated members, lay men and women will experience at first hand the spirit of the evangelical counsels, and will thus be encouraged to live and bear witness to the spirit of the Beatitudes, in order to transform the world according to God’s design.The participation of the laity often brings unexpected and rich insights into certain aspects of the charism, leading to a more spiritual interpretation of it and helping to draw from it directions for new activities in the apostolate.” (Vita Consecrata 55)

Fr Varkey Perekkatt, S.J. the President of the CRI North Region moderated various sessions, discussions and activities of the CRI Meeting.


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