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The consecrated men and women are not only joyous, but most of them are incredibly creative too. Photo Stories would present the the stories they want to tell the world through their creative capacities, especially through the images they chose to capture or paint.


I watched that Moss growing on the rock Soon to learn a lesson pondering life’s…More

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Rain filled the terrain With its gentle misty touch As I watched a tender sprout…More

AI Gis wave
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I stood in admiration Of that quiet and gentle shore And I could feel nothing…More

AI Gis Thirst2

Even in the midst of flowing water I thirst severely. Even in the midst of…More

AI Stranger and a Pilgrim1

A pilgrim… Walking up the stair way… Walking amidst a mob, Just like anyone else…More

AI Consecrated Life2

Committing to Christ one’s life Obedience, poverty, chastity being the way of life; Not embracing…More