It is a joy for Catholic men and women to dedicate their life for the service of God and people. There are thousands of Indian ‘religious men and women,’ as they are commonly called,  extending their life in service in and outside India. They choose to work in challenging and hazardous situations, especially in areas where human lives are threatened, weakened and ignored. Their sole intention is to make the world know the worth of human life, to help them live a life of dignity and integrity as well as to assure everyone that they are loved by God. sisters4

These men and women are also called ‘consecrated’ as they are blessed, set apart, and made holy through a ritual process and by their choice to a life dedicated to God and people.

Thousands of men and women work in various parts of India which is cradle to many religious such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism. Abiding in the Catholic tradition of Christianity brought to India by St Thomas the Apostle, they relinquish the worldly life of pleasure to experience heavenly bliss and blessing. They spend their life in utmost dedication without seeking any personal benefit but only joy by giving hope to the distressed and depressed.

By committing to institsisters5utes canonically erected by the Church these great men and women have not only recluse to the liturgical and spiritual activities and contemplative silence but have shed their sweat and blood for the well being of the people entrusted to them and for the wider society by an authentic witness to Christ.

The life of these men and women are exemplary as they renounce everything for God. Their life also is tuned to the Indian religious practices such as Dhyana, Sanyasa, yoga, and Brahmacharya. Many of them live a very strict ascetic life as well.

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